rooftop garden design

A fabulous garden on a rooftop is so New York City

Need rooftop garden design? Transform your private or shared rooftop into a tranquil, functional garden that matches your taste and style. Kristin and team can enhance your space or fully redesign it so it feels like an extra rom full of life where you can see the sky and breathe fresh air, watch a movie, entertain your friends, or grow some of your own food.

Rooftop Garden Design

Bringing a rooftop space to life requires specialized expertise in lightweight planters, soil and irrigation, plus design considerations for hot, windy conditions with a lot of exposure.

In addition to the layout and plant selections for your garden, we build pergolas, custom planters and outdoor kitchens and curate outdoor furniture and anything else you may need.

Hardscaping, Flooring & Decks

Hardscaping with a new flooring material is one of the fastest ways to transform the look of your space. A partial list of options for maximizing your rooftop garden design include: porcelain tiles, wood, concrete pavers, and rubberized tiles.

Urban Farming & Organic Gardening

We find it very important to incorporate herb and vegetable gardening into our urban designs when we can. We are happy to give you the chance to become an urban farmer or gardener!

Growing even a small amount of your food, even starting with just a handful of herbs, changes the way you look at your food and enables an important shift from consumer to producer.

Most importantly, it’s just plain fun. Tomatoes you buy never taste as good as the ones you grow yourself!

“The rooftop continues to be a source of great pride at Lenox Hill Hospital and we really appreciate what you’ve done.”

— Josh S.