pergola design

Pergola design for an Upper West Side Townhouse backyard

Your Outdoor Living Room

A pergola is a traditional garden feature like a gazebo that provides shelter from the sun and other elements while still being open to the outdoors. If you’re looking to add shade and shelter in your garden, cover a walkway or add a relaxing area to sit and enjoy your yard, a pergola might be it. Pergolas aren’t limited to gardens and yards, either. They make a great addition to any type of deck, terrace, or patio.

Pergolas add privacy, shelter and polish to outdoor spaces.

For example, a pergola can be added to a terrace, rooftop garden back yard to create a shaded sitting area.  You’ll be able to feel the breeze on a hot summer day or enjoy an alfresco glass of wine but stay sheltered from the hot New York sun. Pergolas can also be used to cover outdoor kitchens and dining areas, grow vines on, hang lighting from, and serve many other decorative and functional purposes.

Aluminum and ipe wood pergola in an Upper West Side townhouse backyard
Functions of a Pergola

Pergolas add privacy, shelter and polish to outdoor spaces. They help define a space into distinct areas or outdoor rooms, one of the most fundamental concepts of landscape design. Pergolas are perfect for creating covered seating or dining areas perfect for either outdoor family time or entertaining friends and family. 

Pergola Design

We build pergolas out of woods such as cedar are ipe, and out of metals such as powder coated aluminum and steel. They can be all wood or all metal, or a combination of both. Wood is classic and cozy, providing ample opportunity for planters and climbing plants. Metal is sleek and modern with lines that are a highlight in their own right. We work with local metal fabricators to create our custom designs, giving us unparalleled control over both the aesthetic and quality.

An aluminum and wood pergola that is perfectly designed for this backyard on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in NYC
Cedar pergola with custom landscape lighting in a Long Island City terrace garden
Incorporating Planters

Incorporating planters into the design provides perfect pops of green throughout the space. If we incorporate vines or climbing plants such as wisteria into the design, they can create a natural curtain of greenery and become a focal point. 

Designing planters in the same finish as the pergola to sit at the corners or at other points throughout can add flowers and green to your outdoor living room.

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