landscape lighting

Landscape lighting adds a finishing touch to garden and landscapes, creating a soft, ambient glow that showcases the space after dark.

When it comes to setting the mood of a space, lighting is one of the most important elements.  Natural sunlight and moonlight may be the best sources of light in outdoor spaces, but it definitely helps to have some backup. Landscape lighting adds a finishing touch to garden and landscapes, creating a soft, ambient glow that showcases the space after dark. The goal is a chic, well-lit yard, rooftop or terrace. 

Lighting Plans

Lighting plans are incorporated into the overall landscape design and are based on the size and type of your plants along with the layout of your space. Trees and shrubs look great illuminated by “up” lights, while pathways and planters benefit from lighting at different angles. The play of light and shadow on walls creates a beautiful visual appeal, and lighting up pathways, walkways and garden edges is both functional and appealing. Regardless of the type of lights you choose, we will design the layout so the focus is on the light they shine and the overall illumination of the outdoor space.

Bluetooth Enabled

Our lighting installations come standard with bluetooth connectivity, so you can turn the lights on, or dim them with ease using an app on your phone. Our team will set the lights to turn on and off at sundown and sunrise, so unless you are having an event or prefer they go on or off early, they’ll work automatically. 

Overhead Lighting

String lights are another way to add attractive lighting and ambiance to your space. They can be mounted very simply, or in a more elaborate way, depending upon your preference.

Recessed lights, downlights and pendant lights are other great options for a more directed and targeted lighting that work well above dining and entertaining areas. Larger spaces and more open plan landscape designs in particular really benefit from overhead lighting. This helps divide the space into more distinct outdoor rooms.

Low Voltage

All lighting our team installs is low voltage, meaning it can be installed by non-electricians. The main benefit of low voltage lighting is less energy usage. Many standard landscape LED bulbs are just two or three watts, so you won’t notice an increase in your power bill. 

Each installed lighting system is powered by an electrical transformer, which also functions as a timer and bluetooth receiver. The transformer will be located in a place where it won’t be visible, yet remain accessible for periodic system checks.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

“Kristin was very professional, extremely knowledgeable and amazing to work with. She was great to work with from the first consultation all the way through the planting. She spent a lot of time at the location to assess the space, sunlight, climate, etc., prior to designing the space. She picked out such beautiful plants and lighting and our space has never looked better. We will be hiring Birch and Basil Design in the future for any landscape design needs we have.”

Stephen H.