drip irrigation

An automatic irrigation system is like an insurance policy for your plants

Water and irrigation are essential to any garden or landscape. We recommend an automatic irrigation system and design these systems so you never need worry when you are gone for long stretches of time or out of town. These systems are activated by a timer with scheduled waterings that happen whether you are home or not, ensuring your outdoor space stays lush and healthy over the long term. Set it and forget it. 

How it Works

Drip irrigation provides water directly to plants’ roots via small (just a quarter inch in diameter) drip lines run into each planter. Unlike sprinkler systems which shoot water into the air and to all parts of the plant, drip irrigation only provides water at the roots in a very targeted fashion which uses a lot less water and reduces runoff so your outdoor space does not get covered with water and have huge puddles after the irrigation runs. We carefully install all irrigation lines from the back or underneath each planter so they are hidden and minimally visible. We keep the focus where it belongs, on the beautiful space!

Consistent Water

Plants thrive on consistency and perform their best when they receive a steady amount of water so their roots never fully dry out. This is even more important on rooftops and terraces. In these spaces, plants are typically planted in above ground containers so their roots dry out much faster.

Conversely, plants directly planted in the ground are able to retain water for a longer period of time. This is due to the larger soil volume and greater insulation which slows down water evaporation. These environments have lower average soil temperatures, while sunny rooftops or terraces are warmer and often windy, causing additional moisture loss in the soil.

Watering Schedules

During our scheduled garden care visits, our staff will always check on the irrigation system and watering schedule and make adjustments as the seasons change. Especially during the summer months, plants will be more thirsty and will require more water. For sunny rooftop and terrace gardens, it’s not uncommon that these plants receive water twice a day during July and August!

Our irrigation systems are equipped with rain sensors, so the watering system will skip days with heavy rainfall over a pre set threshold. Systems are also equipped with filters and pressure regulators so they require minimal maintenance. We can also set up your system so you can monitor it in real time using an app (wifi connection required). 

Seasonal Changes

At the beginning of the spring, we will do a system turn on and in the late fall before temperatures go below freezing, we’ll do a system turn off that includes full winterization and emptying pipes so there’s no chance of freezing or cold damage during the winter. 

Once temperatures fall below freezing, plants will go into winter hibernation as their metabolisms slow down. During this hibernation period, they will not require any supplemental water beyond natural rainfall and snow until warmer temperatures return in the spring. 

Let’s make something beautiful together.

“We recently worked with Birch and Basil to build a garden on our terrace and are thrilled with the finished product. Kristin was a pleasure to work with from the initial design consultation through the installation. We communicated regularly with Kristin throughout the process and she seamlessly integrated our feedback into her designs and the overall budget. We would highly recommend Birch and Basil Design for your garden project and would definitely work with Kristin again.”

Nate G.