backyard and patio design

A Well Designed Garden is Like a Living Painting: Always Changing

Backyard design in New York City is all about maximizing every square foot and making the most efficient use of space. 

“Sometimes clients come to us with a pretty clear idea of what they want, and sometimes we need to go through the discovery process together,” says Kristin. Either way, we’ll start where you’re at and refine the design until it feels right. 

Our services don’t stop at garden design.

Kristin’s team of skilled professionals offer a full range of landscape construction, landscaping, and garden installation services as well. We also love to source outdoor furniture and other touches to fully outfit the space. 

Personalized Design

Our highly personalized landscape design services can elevate the everyday into something special and luxurious. 

Kristin is a specialist in creating designs that range from timeless and classic to contemporary and thoroughly modern. She brings a California sensibility to East Coast gardens, and enjoys being a part of each and every project and overseeing all the details. This level of personalized service is what our clients expect–you’ll never be passed off to a sales rep, Kristin will be involved every step of the way.

Patio Design

The goal is a beautiful outdoor oasis that feels like an extension of your home or apartment. 

Spending time outdoors in nature is incredibly healthy for us mentally and physically. Being about to do this from your home and see the changes of the seasons in your plants is incredibly rewarding to watch. 

Whether it’s spending family time outdoors or having a well appointed space for guests, a well designed back yard or patio gives you the flexibility to do all that and more.

Custom Planters

Custom planters are one of the easiest ways to combine good design and functionality to maximize your available space.

We can build or fabricate planters in any size or dimension so they fit perfectly into your space.